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Maternity homes are typically dorm-like residences which offer housing, transportation and other services to women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and, for whatever reason, need a place to stay through the duration of their pregnancy. In addition to the typical dorm-like residences, there are some organizations that have recruited volunteer families who provide free housing for women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and include them in their day to day family life. Both options allow expectant mothers a reduced stress atmosphere in which to continue their pregnancy and obtain regular medical care until delivery.

Maternity housing was a popular option in the 1950's and 60's which offered women a place where they could go in order to escape the stigmas associated with unplanned and unwed pregnancies. However, with the decriminalization of abortion, the wide-spread availability of birth control, as well as the changing attitudes towards single parenting in society, the numbers of maternity homes as dropped dramatically.

Maternity homes typically offer a wide range of services for women in need, ranging from counseling services and parenting classes to adoption related guidance and job training. In addition to providing guidance and support, staff and volunteers often assist expectant mothers with the process of applying for state-funded aide and other available public assistance.

Staying in a maternity home during your pregnancy is often free of charge, as are most of the services provided during your stay. Each maternity home operates differently, so it will be important for you to ask questions and find out what is expected of you, if you intend to utilize the option of staying in a maternity home during your pregnancy.

Maternity housing is a great option for expectant mothers who wish to make a decision regarding their future as well as the future of their unborn child, without the pressure that can come from friends and family who may not be supportive.

Visit the Professionals Directory to learn more about the housing options available to you in your state or across the country.

Visitor Comments (25)
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Sharaine - 9 months ago
0 6 10
Hi I am 4 months pregnant... I have a job and a car.... I am just wondering is there any housing avalaible? I am in lynwood ca.. #1
Jessica - 5 months ago
0 1 4
I am 23 and expecting my first child and am currently enrolled in online classes for college. I have no where to go and am 8 months pregnant. is there anywhere in Jacksonville, NC? #2
Trinesha - 3 months ago
0 0 3
I'm 20 years old in need of some serious help my mom soon will kick me out is there any way by any chance I can helped on getting a job and getting the help I need to take care of my unexpected pregnancy #3
topdiva - 1 year ago
5 4 10
where are your locations and can the baby father stay with you #4
Schina Moore - 1 month ago
0 0 1
Help. I am 20 and pregnant. I need a place to live. I have to move out end of this month and don't have no place to go. #5
Guest - 5 months ago
0 1 2
Are maternity homes just for women who want to place their babies for adoption? I know a homeless pregannt young woman who needs a safe place NOW and help finding permanancy for herself and baby. #6
Tee - 6 months ago
0 1 2
Hi, I am 19 years old and am currently 12 weeks pregnant, my family does not support my decision to keep my child and has ultimately shunned me. I have no place to stay and am looking for help. I am in Upper Marlboro, MD. #7
Carmen - 3 days ago
0 0 0
Hi I am 3 months pregnan and I wanted to know if you have any room for one more person ,I don't have a job anymore because in the beginning the doctor say my pregnancy was risky and that I need to be at home so the baby won't become a miscarriage.I would like to get some help please so can provide for my first baby. #8
takia - 1 month ago
0 0 0
Im 6 month pregnant i barely work and im in college.... i need a place to stay before june when the baby get here my room is in.the basement and its way to cold for a baby to stay in here.. is it any housing in Baltimore #9
nijay - 5 months ago
0 0 0
hi im 3 months pregnant i cant keep a study weight gain i gain 3 lbs to lose 5. my baby father is abusive and i think he's cheating. if he put me out im going to be homeless. i was just wondering how long would it take to get in one of these homes? please and thank you #10
nemoria - 2 months ago
0 0 0
is adoption an absolute when staying in a maternity home? i want to keep my son, its just hard to find work pregnant and i have no supportive family #11
care - 2 months ago
0 2 1
It is crazy how there are so much available for mothers who want to give their children up for adoption. I don't see many options for mothers who want to keep their responsibility,but may need help along the way. #12
Georgia - 9 months ago
1 0 2
Found out that my granddaughter husband is in jail. I wish I could have her here. My doctor said no stress or drama since I am facing a very serious heart surgery. Is there a place around Lenoir City TN or Knoxville TN #13
alice - 3 months ago
0 0 0
hello im homeless and also 5 months pregnant , im in need to find housing in sacramento is there anyone who can help me . im trying to better myself by getting away from my abusive child to be father #14
chantel - 3 months ago
0 0 0
hi I am 4 months pregnant currently homeless I need help in uptainin any housing #15
Summerain - 7 months ago
0 2 1
Hi I live in Las Vegas Nevada. I am 19yrs old and I am 5months pregnant. My current living eviornment is to stressful for me and my unborn. I need help and somewhere to live that's stress free and nonjudgmental. I do not have a job or a vehicle. I am trying my best. But I need help, I need somewhere it would be ok for the father to come and stay with me as well. That's my biggest problem. Please HELP ! #16
Michelle - 11 months ago
0 1 1
Barbara and Brian seem to have enough children. Why don't they give another family a chance to have a baby that can't have one at all. Medical complications that make it so they can't have kids anymore, 5 seems to be more than enough. I'm pregnant, and can't imagine what it would be like not to have a baby. But I would be so hurt if I saw that. Seriously. #17
christina - 7 months ago
0 1 1
im 8 months pregnant and need to find a program that help with getting housing and jobs and ect..... I don't want to keep goin from shelter to shelter I want to be prepared to get my own apartment and be work ready when my baby comes #18
Petra - 5 months ago
0 1 0
Hi I am 3 months pregnant , i was a college student and was living in Tijuana and i was supporting my self from Financial Aid and Food stamps at the moment i am not attending school because i dont get financial Aid anymore and i am homeless is their any housing for me in San Diego, Ca? #19
tiara - 9 months ago
0 0 0
I'm 8months pregnant with my 1st child without any place to go is there any place that can help near Dallas texas #20
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