Maternity Homes

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Maternity homes are typically dorm-like residences which offer housing, transportation and other services to women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and, for whatever reason, need a place to stay through the duration of their pregnancy. In addition to the typical dorm-like residences, there are some organizations that have recruited volunteer families who provide free housing for women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and include them in their day to day family life. Both options allow expectant mothers a reduced stress atmosphere in which to continue their pregnancy and obtain regular medical care until delivery.

Maternity housing was a popular option in the 1950's and 60's which offered women a place where they could go in order to escape the stigmas associated with unplanned and unwed pregnancies. However, with the decriminalization of abortion, the wide-spread availability of birth control, as well as the changing attitudes towards single parenting in society, the numbers of maternity homes as dropped dramatically.

Maternity homes typically offer a wide range of services for women in need, ranging from counseling services and parenting classes to adoption related guidance and job training. In addition to providing guidance and support, staff and volunteers often assist expectant mothers with the process of applying for state-funded aide and other available public assistance.

Staying in a maternity home during your pregnancy is often free of charge, as are most of the services provided during your stay. Each maternity home operates differently, so it will be important for you to ask questions and find out what is expected of you, if you intend to utilize the option of staying in a maternity home during your pregnancy.

Maternity housing is a great option for expectant mothers who wish to make a decision regarding their future as well as the future of their unborn child, without the pressure that can come from friends and family who may not be supportive.

Visit the Professionals Directory to learn more about the housing options available to you in your state or across the country.

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Sharaine - 2 years ago
4 8 16
Hi I am 4 months pregnant... I have a job and a car.... I am just wondering is there any housing avalaible? I am in lynwood ca.. #1
LaShelle - 10 months ago
3 1 7
Hello I am 11 weeks pregnant and the environment I am staying is lots of drama and stress. I am finding good myself having a emotional breakdown and I am more concern about my unborn child. Can someone help me where can I go till my delivery date on December 1. I had move to California to south Carolina and I have no family and friends out here. I don't want to go back home because my baby daddy want to be part of the pregnancy, delivery and the child life. him and myself staying with his family and they are the causing unhealthy environment for my baby #2
Jessica - 1 year ago
0 2 5
I am 23 and expecting my first child and am currently enrolled in online classes for college. I have no where to go and am 8 months pregnant. is there anywhere in Jacksonville, NC? #3
Annie - 6 months ago
0 0 2
@NICOLLETE is there a way I can reach you? My little sister is 18 will be 19 soon she works and is 10 weeks pregnant but has been having complications with her pregnancy and just recently been released from ger dcf foster home last time i spoke to her she was staying at the father if the baby's house but cant stsy for long she has asthma and the basement has mold. my birth mom is out of the picture and I live in AZ i cant do much but help pay for prenatals and food she lives in West Haven CT last i heard. please feel free to contact me @xxxx my name is Annie. Thank you #4
Elizabeth - 3 weeks ago
0 0 1
Hello all of you reading..My hubby and I are NYS certified foster parents with a completed homestudy in Upstate NY. We've been searching for months to adopt so we are reaching out here in the hopes of finding a child to complete our family. Are any of you out there wanting to give your baby/young child(ren) up for adoption in the NY area? We have a few bio children and an adopted daughter who is almost 8. We do not need a newborn, or a single child, even a small sibling group of younger children would be welcome. We know how emotional this is (we've lost 4 babies ourselves so we may not understand completely, but we know pain/loss.) Please serious response only.We've had more than one person try to scam us already..We have tried adopting thru foster care but there are no younger children available in NY for adoption. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you for reading.. We've a webpage we can share about us also we would love to share with you! #5
Alisha - 9 months ago
0 1 3
Hi, I'm 32 weeks along and this is my first child. I recently lost my job and will soon be losing my car. I'm in need of housing- my bf and I broke up (the baby is his) and I was planning on living with him, but he insisted I find a place ASAP. I live in Belleville, Illinois, but was considering relocating back to Norman/Moore/Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Any help would be appreciated. #6
Juanita - 2 months ago
0 0 2
Hello, My Husband and I have been married for 16 years, We have been looking to adopt a newborn. If you find yourself in a situation where you want your baby to have a stable home and will receive more love and attention with a stable environment . please keep us in mind. we are located in Richmond, VA you can contact us Don't give up there is help out there and people like me that would love to help. Please No Scammers #7
duduzile mavimbela - 4 months ago
0 1 3
Hi im a 24 yr old 16 weeks pregnent .i nid a plc to stay until i gv birth nd gv da baby up for adoption ,t1gen i cn #8
Nicole - 2 months ago
0 0 2
Jami can u please help me im alone and need help im 16weeks ann I need a safe place to live #9
Guest - 2 weeks ago
0 0 1
I have a maternity home in Lima Ohio called Guiding Light and prepare mothers for when they have their baby by assisting them with what benefits they are eligible for, life skills training and transition into their own place. If you need help, find us on FB or our website #10
Rubi - 9 months ago
0 1 2
I'm 15, my names Rubi I am 22 weeks pregnant. And I live only with my father. I'm alone day and night. And I'm stressing and always worrying. He can't take care of me right now. He's struggling a lot, I can't take this anymore. Somedays he can't even buy food. The apartment we live in is pretty bad. My baby's father is signing his rights away when he is born. Being alone all day, to dealing with hearing about my baby's father getting drunk and doing things with girls really depresses me. Wondering if theirs any housing available for me until my father gets back on his feet. I live in longview Texas. And I really don't know what to do anymore. I have no place to go and I can't stay here any longer. #11
Megan - 1 month ago
0 0 1
Hi,I'm Megan and well I'm 32weeks pregnant expecting my first child I have no where to live my parents are homeless and none of my family members can help or provide for me.I have a husband and he's unable to take me under his roof because he lives in a foster care and is going to move at the end of this year.....I need help really bad.Im only 15 and Put I know a lot from what I've been through I live currently in titusville,fl I was wondering if there's anywhere I can go.. #12
Tee - 1 year ago
0 1 3
Hi, I am 19 years old and am currently 12 weeks pregnant, my family does not support my decision to keep my child and has ultimately shunned me. I have no place to stay and am looking for help. I am in Upper Marlboro, MD. #13
Sandra - 1 month ago
0 0 1
i am 7months pregnant and nid 2 place ma baby 4 adoption i dnt want ma parent 2 knw pls help me ma contact 0xxxxx #14
jacquie - 1 month ago
0 0 0
Hello, I am about 16 weeks pregnant and left my job as a server because I worked with father of the baby and it became extremely difficult to work under this kind of pressure. He is married and has a family. I am very ashamed to have had an affair with a married man. I am 37 yrs old and have 2 teenage boys from my marriage of 16 yrs. ( i have been seperated from my husband since 07)I had my oldest at 18, it was unplanned but I had tge support of family and my boyfriend then which is something I do not have now. I have no choice but to give this baby up for adoption. I need help. I have no support at all. I am looking for a place to go during the duration of my pregnancy. I live in Wisconsin but unsure of how long I can afford to keep my house (rental). I am willing to hear any advice anyone would be willing to provide. #15
yakerra - 1 month ago
0 0 1
You know I'm 21 and I been hoping to help someone with a little girl...i lost my baby girl last month and got plenty newborn clothes up to 6 months... I'm in Louisiana area #16
Deaun - 1 month ago
0 1 1
I live in north Idaho and have a heart for these young ladies who have written on this comment page. My plan was just to look at what maternity homes were available. I am here to help in whatever way I am able. If someone is in this area please contact me. My goal is not to adopt, we have children we are still raising :) God turned my life around and blessed me! May the Lord greatly bless and comfort you girls and your babies. #17
Kimberly - 4 months ago
0 0 1
Hello, my name is Kimberly. My partner and I have been together 5 years. I have children of my own but we are willing to adopt privately from someone who is unable to care for there child and give them a home filled with lots of love. If you are a mom considering us as your answer you can reach me. I currently live in Michigan #18
Passion - 7 months ago
1 0 2
I just found out im 20 weeks pregnant. Thank God Im really small but people are starting to catch on. I have 2 jobs and i start college in 2 weeks. The father is VERY much involved and is happy about it but understands in this situation we are financially unprepared and is deciding on the high possibility of having an open adoption. I honestly do NOT need my mother to know at all that im even pregnant. Im 18 and live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. #19
Savannah - 4 weeks ago
0 0 0
I'm currently staying with my boyfriend and his mother. I'm not welcome here and my stay is way over due. I'm 14 weeks pregnant. Have no job, or car because that's in his name. I have no family I was on foster care, I receive a check every month for 285 but that's only enough to get me a week in a hotel. I have no clue what to do, and I'm so stressed. I just need help. #20
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